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Interfaith Council

Welcome to the Interfaith Council at FSU

The Interfaith Council at Florida State University is an organization of campus ministry professionals who have come together from a wide variety of religious traditions to share a common interest in the free expression of religious faith in the life of the university. The Association shall be a support community for the encouragement of those engaging in this ministry. It is a forum for the sharing of information and viewpoints helpful for the common task. It is an official point of contact between the campus religious communities and the Division of Student Affairs. Please click the “Members” link above to see the full listing and contact information for each member.

Here is a link to the FSU Religious Observance Policy. It’s at the bottom of the page. This is also the link to the academic grievance procedure as well.

The Interfaith Council wants you to know our commitment to you:

  • We recognize your right to practice your faith according to the dictates of your conscience.
  • We recognize your right to be informed about your faith in a spirit that is free  from pressure, coercion or manipulation.
  • We recognize your right to say “no” to unwanted or intrusive proselytism and religious hard-sell.
  • We recognize your right to privacy – therefore we will not visit you without your permission.
  • We recognize your right to know what religious organization you’re dealing with – up front with no hidden agendas, or secret affiliations.

The Council meets monthly to discuss issues of faith and practice at FSU.

Click this link for a video about some Interfaith Council members produced by Felicia Lilien for a class assignment in Fall 2008 In those days we were known as Campus Ministries Association.

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